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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

DIY Chalk-Greeter-Board

Here we go…...Welcome 2017!

Greet the new year and every day with this easy to make “greeter board”! Hang it on the front door, or hang it in the kitchen with reminders for the day, make a shopping list, or just write an inspirational quote.

With a few, easy to follow steps, you can create this “greeter board”, just in time for you to make a list of your new year’s resolutions!

Let’s get started: stop by your local Home Depot for a few supplies:

1X12X6 common pine board, 5 ft. of your favorite 1-inch molding, paint brush, small foam roller set, chalkboard paint, sample size paint, eye hooks and adhesive.

While at Home Depot, have a lumber associate cut the pine board into 18 inch lengths, the 6ft board will allow for 4-18 inch boards, you can make a few for friends, hang one in your office, and bring one to the hostess of the New Year’s party you are going to!

Get your tools together: sanding sponge, tape measure, miter box with saw, *glue gun

*you can use a glue gun to attach the frame edging if your board will be use indoors, a Loctite or wood glue should be used for exterior hanging of the greeter board.

Step 1: Sand edges of freshly cut board, then paint 2 coats of chalkboard paint allow drying time between coats.

Step 2: While the chalkboard paint dries, measure the molding and cut them to length with your handy miter box and saw. I measured the 18 inch sides and cut those frame pieces first, then I measured the inner portion of the frame, marked the molding and cut 2 exact same size pieces.  * I have found that lumber widths are not really true to what they are marked, so using the molding itself marked, and then cut, seems to work best.

Step 3: Sand edges, and paint the frame pieces, top only, allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 4: Season chalkboard, with a piece of chalk sideways, rub it across the entire board, then with a cloth (micro fiber clothes work well) erase the board and then repeat, and finally clean board once more.

Step 5: Attach the frame to seasoned board, place one 18-inch piece first then the two short pieces and then finally the second 18-inch pieces.

Step 6: Eye hooks, measure in 1 inch from edge, decide how you would like to display board…vertical or horizontal, the eye hook will screw right into the soft wood of the pine.

Grab some chalk, and finish the board with a festive ribbon and salutations…. enjoy!

Q-Tips work really well to fine tune, clean-up and define chalk lines!

I say....the more ribbons...the better!!

I cant wait to switch the ribbons to some gorgeous heart themed strands for Valentines Day! 

This project was done as group activity with co-workers, it is a great easy project for all!

All the best for a happy, healthy, 2017 filled with peace and love!   


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