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Project Ideas: Indoor Decor

DIY Chalkboard Clock




It is all about the time…….


The New Year is here, the days of 2015 have passed, and resolutions have been made. This year, and forevermore, I have vowed to spend my time wisely; it takes many years, basically a lifetime to understand that the most valuable thing for all of us is…. time.



Time is so precious and if it is wasted you cannot get it back, once it is gone…it is gone. I have spent countless days and nights consumed by needless worry…. time that is now forever lost. This year I am going to turn unnecessary anxiety into moments of optimism, hope, faith with only positive energy.



My first project of the New Year is the measurement of time; a clock. I have been walking past the wooden circles in the lumber department for years, thinking… those are a project waiting to happen! Joe made beautiful art work out of the wooden stool tops in a recent post, so now it is my “time”.


I had been thinking about getting a big clock for a while, following the “big clock” décor trend. I love that clocks have reappeared into the home décor fashion after being missing for years due to the image of time being displayed on cell phones, stereos, stoves…who needs a clock, right?  Well I happen to love time pieces, I love old clock faces, roman numerals, old English numbers, glow in the dark numbers, or no numbers at all.


This chalkboard clock project allows you to determine the face you want, and provides a pallet that encourages you to change the clock seasonally, weekly, or even highlight a special day!


Start by gathering the materials:


Chalkboard paint, chalk, chalk marker, cotton swabs, twine, thumbtack pin, 17.5’’ wooden stool top, battery powered clock works (I picked the works up at a local craft shop)


Tools needed:


Tape measure, drill, wood chisels, hammer


Step 1: Paint the wooden circle with chalk paint and allow to dry 1 hour, then repeat allowing another hour to dry totally.

Step 2: Use the chalk sideways and cover the entire circle with a coating of chalk, then with a moist, lint free cloth, wipe the circle clean.

Step 3: Measure and find the dead center of the clock face, insert a thumbtack pin in the center

Step 4: Tie a piece of twine to the tack and the other end to a piece of chalk, this acts as an old school compass, I drew a line at about four inches from center to give me a point of reference for the numbers and words.

Step 5: Drill out the center point of clock, insert the clock shaft

Step 6: Outline the silhouette of the clock work housing on the back of clock.

Step 7: With wood chisels and hammer cut edge of the works marking on the back of clock, and then proceed, with the chisels, carefully remove the interior portion of wood about halfway deep, or until the works are seated and the shaft allows the hands to be attached freely….this step takes a bit of “time”, and cannot be rushed.

Step 8: Using chalk and chalk marker create a clock face; this also takes “time”, but the best part is that if you mess up you can just wipe it off and start again.

Hint: Use a moist cotton swab to detail and clean in-between lines, also watch how you rest your hand as you write because it is chalk, it will come right off.

Step 9: Put battery into works then insert it into clock face, attach hands, following instruction on the clock works packaging.

Step 10: Display, hang your clock!

( I know that this clock face is not perfect, but that is okay because there will be a next “time”, I can erase it and I will perfect it)



This project was literally a true exercise in "time"!  I was hoping to have it done by New Year’s Eve but the clock project that I thought would be quick and simple, turned out be a process of waiting for; drying, chiseling, lettering ….it all about the time, I thought!


Which brought me right back to my original thought the importance of “time”. Some things cannot be rushed; they have to be calculated with dedicated “time” per step. Some things should be anticipated, with allowances for mishaps, or mistakes.


Some times should be valued like a wonderful walk in the fresh air, an even paced run, long deep laughs, and a good night’s sleep. 

Some things should be savored, and enjoyed one moment at a time, like shared times with family and friends.

Something’s there just isn’t enough time for, like beach days you wish would never end, or a night at a baseball game, garden time, a great BBQ,  or just time spent doing something you love. 

A very important lesson in life is: Do not take time for granted, you never know how much of it you will get or get to spend with someone you love.


Life really is all about the “time”….spend it wisely, value and cherish every moment, and remember time well spent become great memories….which are blocks of “time” that last forever!


Happy 2016!  Make a clock, make some great blocks of time, it all counts….enjoy every moment!  


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Posted 2016-01-05T19:37:09+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Really great post Maureen! It was nice of you to take the "time" to give us such beautiful photos and detailed instructions. 
Posted 2016-01-14T15:10:13+0000  by Grow2girl

Well, it's about time!

Posted 2016-01-14T15:37:22+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Happy New Year to you too Maureen!

Thanks for the detailed instruction.

You're so crafty!

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