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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

DIY Christmas Street Sign



To really show off that you are in the Christmas spirit, having a homemade sign best demonstrates that.


In this post, I'll go over step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own holiday-themed street sign.











 Table or compound mitre saw




Builders Frame


Paint Roller/Brush/Tray





1x1 dowel 4' in length


Paint-white, red, and green


3 pieces of plywood 4 inches H x 16 W


1/2" dowel rod or similar size 2 inches in length 


Painters Tape


Drywall screws (105-864)


Marker and/or pencil




























STEP 1: Grab all of your tools and materials from your local Home Depot store. After doing so, setup your signs and post for a basic layout before painting.


Next, start making cuts where they are needed. At minimum, you'll need to cut the bottom of the 1" x 1" dowel so that it can be easily driven into the ground.  The plywood (or dimensional lumber) should now have 3 pieces 4 inches x 16 inches in length.



Do this using a compound mitre saw or table saw. Cut the bottom at least twice at a 45 degree angle to give a spike edge for when it will be staked into the ground.



STEP 2: After getting the basic cuts done, you can now cut the plywood to get the specific directional 'points'. Take your builders square, and mark the 45 degree angles at the edge of the plywood so show where they will be cut.



STEP 3: After making all cuts on all pieces, wipe off excess dust and sand if needed to smooth out rough edges. 

Use a paint and primer and begin to paint all pieces of the sign. You will at minimum need to paint at least twice, so that it can coat the wood surfaces properly. Do this for the edges as well. 
For just the post, use place painters tape at a steep angle on the post, allowing space so that the red paint can be covered in those areas not covered. 
I found that spray paint worked faster for covering, but only coat 2 sides of the post at one time. This is due to the slow drying time. After those sides dry, repeat it with the spray paint or regular paint to cover all sides uniformly.


STEP 4: Once the paint is dry on the post, remove the painters tape. Next, you will use green paint and a smaller paint brush to apply a border to the 3 signs.


Apply green paint to the sides as well to finalize the look. You can use painters tape to create cleaner edges if you wish at this step. Allow the paint to dry and place on the post to see where they will all be placed.



STEP 5: Before continuing onto the letters, next apply your small decorative dowel on top of the post, painted in green. This can be fastened with wood glue and/or a wood screw.



STEP 6: Now you are ready to use a marker to write and stylize your sign. I used an oil-based red marker by Sharpie to write out the letters. Work slowly so as not to allow the marker to smear onto the sign.



STEP 7: Next use a drill with a small bit (smaller than the diameter of the screw you will use) into the middle of the signs. Doing this ensures the sign won't warp or crack once the screw goes into it.


STEP 8: Now you are ready to screw the signs to the post. Use drywall screws coarse threaded. Be sure to apply a small amount of white paint onto the screw heads to help it blend into the sign.

Now are you ready to hang the sign in your yard or outdoor area of your choice. You can dig a hole to help drive it into the ground. 
I used a framing hammer to drive it into the ground. Depending on the soil will determine how deep to drive it into the ground. For me, after driving it into the ground about 4 inches worked perfectly.
The beauty of this sign is that it can be repainted or redesigned so that it can work for any holiday or special occasion, like a birthday party.
Let us know if you have any questions or other holiday ideas such as this.
Merry Christmas!
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