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DIY Deck Maintenance


We all love outdoor activities, entertaining, grilling or just a simple early morning coffee out on the deck can be very pleasant experience. While we all love our decks, they do need some regular care as the months and years go by. Let’s look at what’s needed.


Monthly Inspections

Once every month step outside and perform a general inspection, look for weak or rotting members such a posts, stairs or joists at or near ground level. Look for signs insect and water damage. Evaluate the finish; is the stain fading or the paint beginning to peel? Use an awl or screwdriver to probe areas that look suspicious, if the tool sinks into the wood rot is present and major repairs will be required.

Annual Cleaning

Once a year use a good deck cleaner such as Behr All-In–One Wood Cleaner or Moldex Deck Wash, its container attaches to your garden hose to make the job quick and easy. These products remove mold, mildew, algae, food, grease and bird droppings. Wear eye protection and gloves when working and cover any nearby plants to protect them. If you use a pressure washer, use a fan spray nozzle to prevent damaging the wood surface.


Protecting the Wood

Once all repairs are completed and the deck is clean, now is the time to address the finish. If your deck is unfinished, consider applying a clear finish or a stain such as Behr Simi-Transparent Stain, a solid color stain will hide any new wood and repaired areas for a more uniform finish.

BEHR 1 gal. Cedar Naturaltone Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Wood Stain

Deck Restoration

BEHR Premium DeckOver 1 gal. Wood and Concrete Coating


If major defects are present, such as splits and cracks in the wood, most stains or paint will not cover them. Fortunately, Behr makes a great deck restoration coating called DeckOver. This product will cover cracks and splits up to ¼ inch wide; its heavy bodied coating will fill in defects and give your deck a like new appearance. It’s available in the smooth or textured non-slip finish and it can be tinted to match your homes color palette.

Deck Replacement


If your deck needs replacing, consider using one of the new synthetic wood products such as

Trex Composite Lumber. Trex Enhance low-maintenance composite decking makes extending your home a snap. Where other deck boards warp, rot and splinter over time, Trex Enhance decking will retain its beauty through the years, resistant to fading, staining and scratching, with only minimal soap-and-water cleanup.  Unlike pressure treated lumber, Trex Enhance comes with a 25-year Limited Residential Fade and Stain Warranty.


Whether you need to clean your deck, repair it or replace it, The Home Depot has the products you need to get the job done right.

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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Posted 2017-04-10T22:24:39+0000  by Mike_HD_OC Mike_HD_OC
How is this regular stain better or inferior to the new infused Cloor of AC2

AJ Wilson
Certified home Inspection
Wilson Inspected
Posted 2017-04-13T15:36:21+0000  by WIlsonBuiltit
Hi Wilsonbuiltit,

AC2 is a color code for Benjamin Moore Paint, the equivalent product from Benjamin Moore is their Arborcoat exterior semi-transparent stain.  A very good product from an established and well respected paint manufacturer.

Consumer Reports rated both products, The Benjamin Moore stain received a score of 40 on a scale where the lowest rated product scored a 12 and the highest rated product received a score of 65.

The Behr product received a score of 41, similar performance to the Benjamin Moore product, the main difference is the Behr product sold at the Home Depot, sells for $29.00 per gallon and the Benjamin Moore product sells for $46.00 a gallon.

Either product will give you good service, however the Behr product is considerably less expensive.

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

Posted 2017-04-13T17:40:12+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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