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DIY Dog crate/ dining table

hello readers. 

i am large dog owner and a apartment renter. 

im trying to make my big dog crate into a dining table to save space. if anyone can help shed some light on how i could start it would be alot of help. 

2 people, 1 big dog, small dinning room. i can post pics as soon as i can. 

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Posted 2016-04-05T15:40:59+0000  by cherryantacid22 cherryantacid22

Hello cherryantacid22 and welcome to the Community.


There are many possibilities for creation your dining room table crate.  One major considerations will be what size table top you will need to fit over the crate and still leave leg room for sitting.  What materials will you be using? Do you plan on making the crate and table as one unit or using your current crate and building around it?


One approach would be to try and find an old table and convert it to meet your needs.  Usually table legs can be removed.


If you have some wood working skills and tool, transforming the table would not be that big of a challenge.


If you could convey some more information about size, material, budget and you’re your construction skills, I would be able to be more specific about how to approach this project.


I look forward from hearing back from you.



Posted 2016-04-05T18:04:20+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Great space-saver cherryantacid22!

I'm certain that our experts and community members will come up with great ideas to help you.

Aside from structural design, I wanted to address the comfort of your dogs while the table is in use.

When the table is in use and activity is buzzing on the tabletop, imagine the constant vibration if their kennel is attached to the table and the stress it might create for your dogs.

It would be similar to the dogs actively playing under your bed while you're trying to rest.

While I love the space-saver approach, I would recommend a table design that doesn't actually come in direct contact with their kennel.

So I would suggest one of your design considerations be simply making the table tall enough to hover slightly over the kennel without direct contact.

My curiosity is peaked to learn how you approach the design.

So, please take time to come back and share your results with The Community.

Hope this helps,

Pat InPaint

PS I concur with Char ... every day woodworking skills and tools will transform your table.

You might even consider placing the legs of your table on Heavy Duty Felt Sliders to raise it enough to prevent touching the kennel.

Posted 2016-04-06T20:01:18+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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