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DIY Garden Themed Book Ends

The shape of a basic terracotta pot and saucer are pure and simple, it’s a classic, and it fits into any décor.

Sometimes having a plant where you want it, or where it would look great, just does not work, it may be a space that does not have the best growing conditions: not enough light or too much, too cold, too hot, or not the best place to have to a wet, watered plant, the conditions have to be right to have a thriving, flourishing plant.

Create these hard working, always green, classic terracotta planters, bookends. They will look great wherever you place them, and they never have to be watered!

Tools and Materials needed are:  one each 4+6 inch terracotta pots, plus the saucers,12 inch wooden dowel  cut in half, chalky finish paint, paint brush, sanding sponge, one 4+6 inch green Styrofoam balls, one bag of sheet moss, craft glue, hot glue gun, duct tapetub of fast drying concrete mix

Step1: First I painted the pot and saucers with a coat of white chalk paint.

Step 2: Next I coated section by section of the Styrofoam balls with white craft glue, and then proceeded to stick and cover to the entire sphere with sheet moss, set them aside and let dry.

Step 3: When the pots were dry I distress the edges by sanding and removing just a bit of the paint with a sanding sponge. Place a piece of duct tape on the inside bottom of the pots to block the hole.

Step 4: Next I read the instruction on the concrete mix, and when I was confident that I could mix the concrete without too much trouble I began.

I placed a towel across the bottom of the kitchen sink to stop any splatter or bits of cement from going into the drain. In a disposable bucket, and with a throw away spoon, I mixed the fast setting cement with a 5 parts concrete, to a 1 part water ratio stirring constantly.

Step 5: Scoop the concrete mix carefully into the pots, smooth the top.

Step 6: Insert the wooden dowels upright into the center of the pots that are filled with concrete, be patient and let them dry thoroughly.

Step 7: With a hot glue gun, center and attach the pots to the saucers.

Step 8: Put a dab of hot glue on the dowel top, with two hands center the moss balls over the dowel in the pots, and firmly push the ball down over glued dowel.  


The large 6 inch pot weighs a bit over 3 lbs; the little 4 inch is about 1.5 lbs., I was stunned at how heavy they actually turned out.


The pots can hold back the heaviest books, and the moss (even though it is dried) adds a bit of life to the inanimate task of a bookend.

Put the bookends anywhere you need books controlled, or just use them as decorative pieces, they will even be great accent on a windy porch or patio, they will stand where they are put, stay green, and they don’t need any water!!  

Enjoy!   Maureen



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