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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Center

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Whether it is a last minute gift or a well thought out and planned present, the packaging, wrapping, and finishing touches of a gift can say a lot!  Creating the perfect presentation will be a lot easier when you have all your gift wrapping needs at hand. With this DIY project you'll be able to organize ribbons, tags, gift bags, and tissue papers, rolls of wrap, tape and scissors all in one portable holiday packaging center. This gift wrapping center will allow you to be as creative and festive as Santa’s elves!





Drill Bits

Tape Measure






Sanding Sponge

1 - 1x6, 10ft Common Board

4 - 8x4 Dowels

12 Cabinet Knobs

2 Drawer Pulls

4 Pack of 2.5 Corner Brackets

12 - #8 Hanger Bolts

Sash Curtain Rod (21-40 inch expanse)




Step 1: Gather Tools & Materials


Stop by your local Home Depot and pick up materials for project.





Step 2: Cut Wood


Have the wood cut at The Home Depot. Ask for two pieces at 32 inches and two pieces at 24 inches. Also, cut the dowels at the ‘Do it Yourself’ miter box located in the lumber department aisle, cut each dowel at 32 inches, or you can do it at home.



Step 3: Measure & Mark


Measure and mark the two 24 inch side pieces of the wrapping rack. From the top mark and center the drill site at 4-8-12-and 16 inches.






Step 4: Drill


Drill right through the center spot at each 4 inch line. Lay the drilled 24 inch board on top of the other 24 inch side board. Use the top board as a template/guide and drill right through both boards, so that they will line up correctly.







Step 5: Sand


Sand all course and uneven wood. Bush clean of all saw dust.



Step 6: Fit Screws


Drill the center holes of dowels. Screw the double side screws in to ensure fit and then remove.





Step 7: Add Screws to Knobs


Screw the metal end of double sided screws into the knobs. Set aside.





Step 8: Paint Wood & Dowels


Paint all the dowels and boards for rack and allow drying time.




Step 9: Assemble Rack with Corner Brackets


Place the 24 inch pre-drilled side board on the outside of the 32 inch top and bottom board and screw the corner brackets in place.






Step 10: Measure & Drill Hols for Handles


I measured 6 inches in from the side, 3 inches from the back for the first hole, and then three inches over, (at 9 inches)  for the second hole. Do the same for the other side, drill straight through the board with the 3/16 drill bit.





Step 11: Screw in Handles


Screw the bolt from the underside of board straight up into handles.






Step 12: Nail in Curtain Rod Brackets 


On the front side measure 4 inches from the top on both sides. Nail curtain rod bracket into place.



Step 13: Pre-Drill Holes for Knobs


Pre-drill holes in the front of rack for tag knobs and scissor knobs.



Step 14: Screw in Dowels with Wrapping Paper


Line up dowels with holes on sides of rack, screw one side with knobs, insert rolls of wrapping paper onto dowels, screw the other side into place with additional knobs. Use one of the dowels to drape tissue paper over.




Step 15: Add Wrapping Ribbon to Curtain Rods 


Run curtain rod through center of ribbon spools and hook onto brackets




Step 16: Hang Scissors


Tie a piece of ribbon onto scissors so they can hang on extra knobs.






Take Your Wrapping Center TO-GO!


The gift wrapping center can be easily carried from one work space to the next. It can be placed on the floor for wrapping large packages, hung on the wall or placed on a work table when not in use.





Keeping all holiday gift wrapping materials together will make the art of wrapping and gift giving that much more enjoyable (and less stressful)!      






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What a great idea! Very impressive. 
Posted 2016-12-01T05:34:33+0000  by Grow2girl
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