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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

DIY Holiday Reversible Wooden Doormat

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Welcoming the holidays should be fun and festive! Gather the kids and have some fun by creating a festive and colorful holiday welcome mat! This door mat will be sturdy and reversible! Built to take the stomping of snow boots and painted with cheerful holiday colors to make sure your guests enter with a smile. Don't be afraid to get creative and make it unique by choosing your own colors and a fun pattern. Welcome the holidays and your guest with this one of kind holiday door mat!




7/32 Drill Bit

Tape Measure






Sanding Sponge

Tape: Painters and Clear


Stencil Brush

10 = 2X2 30 inch Fir

Square End Balusters

50 ft of 1/8 Rope/Cord



Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials



Step 2: Drill Holes


Measure, mark and drill. Center of baluster and drill straight through a series of 4 holes (1 hole every 6 inches) with the 7/32 drill bit. Lay 2 balusters at each end of the baluster to be drilled to elevate the wood to be easily drilled.


Use the first baluster drilled as a template. Stack it on top of each baluster (to be drilled) then continue to 4 holes in each baluster. I held the balusters together as I drilled, you may want to clamp them together for drilling to ensure exact line up on the holes.


Step 3: Sand


Run the sanding pad over the freshly drilled holes and smooth out the edges and corners of the balusters.



Step 4: Tape

Tape the top edges of the balusters with painters tape to ensure clean lines on the painted side.


Step 5: Paint

Apply 2 coats of solid color paint and design to the holiday side of balusters.

Allow for drying time.



Step 6: Remove Tape



Step 7: Spray Sealer


Spray the sealer on all sides of the balusters.

Allow for drying time.



Step 8: Measure and Cut Rope


Measure and cut rope at least 5 feet in length.



Step 9: Tape


Using clear tape wrap one end of each piece of rope tightly to make it easier to thread through.

Step 10: Knot


Double knot the untapped end of rope, thread it through your first baluster. Pull the rope through until it hits the knot, then closely double knot the other side, and continue the process with all 4 holes, until all the baluster have been pulled through and tied!


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Use It All Year Round! 


When the holidays are over flip over the mat, and enjoy the natural wood color and texture for a year round appeal!


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To learn how to create the matching holiday clothes pin wreath, click here!


Welcome home the holidays!     



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