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DIY Jewelry Organizer

The onset of a new season brings the desire to become organized and do a little “spring cleaning”, out with old, in with the new!  Opening the windows; allowing the fresh, clean air to blow  through the house, and reaching high into the corners to dust away the cobwebs of the grey winter months is such a welcomed chore.

There is no greater invitation for a day of spring-cleaning and getting organized than a day of being snowbound. A late season blizzard had Boston and surrounding areas under a “Blizzard Watch”, with travel restrictions, the governor directed residents to stay at home and ride it out. The snow day was, stolen time at home, and time to create a project that I had been fabricating in my mind for some time….a jewelry organizer.

I gathered the materials and tools that I had been collecting for the pending project: an old wooden frame, burlap, paint brush, chalk paint, fabric stiffener, ribbon, eye and cup hooks, tape measure, glue, staple gun, wood edge scraps….and scissors.

Usually I get out the ingredients to bake something or make a soup during a storm; this project would result in something useful with not a single calorie involved.


Any wood frame can be used for this project; the wooden rabbet edge on the underside of a wooden frame has tiny, narrow, recess steps that were originally there to allow for the setting of mounting and matting boards, the glass and also the picture…just enough space to work with for the transformation.

*This red frame I picked up at a yard sale for $ 2.00, I knew that chalk paint would give it a new life! 

Step1. Lay out the burlap, set the frame on top of it and no matter what the size of the frame... measure out two generous inches of burlap beyond the margin of the wooden frame, and then cut the piece of burlap.

Step 2. With a paintbrush, and plastic sheeting underneath, brush on and cover the burlap with the fabric stiffener, then hang to dry.

Step 3. Clean up and paint the frame to any color you desire. Allowing for drying time between each step: I used two different colors and blended them. I did cover the entire frame with the blue first ( it covered the red really well) and then a coat of the the white chalk paint. On the final step, I poured each color (blue and white) into one cup.  I did not totally blend them…leaving the two colors to surface randomly, like a wash of the two tones, I love the results! Once again allow to dry thoroughly! 

Step 4. Measure the inner, lowest point, of the rabbet lip on the back of the frame, cut the wooden trim pieces just a slight 16th inch longer, you want the trim to fit into the frame super snug to hold the burlap tight in place.

Step 5. Paint the trim pieces, eyehooks, cup hooks, and allow drying time.

(At this point during the storm, while the paint dried, I started to make some soup, filling the house with an incredible aroma, I believe the simmering soup helped fill my senses and be more creative.)

Step 6. Once all components are dry, dry fit the burlap and trim pieces to ensure all pieces fit properly. Once everything is snug, remove all the pieces and run a thin bead of glue along the lowest lip of the rabbet, then re-insert the burlap and all the trim pieces.

Step 7. Tuck and secure the burlap along the inner edge of the rabbet with a, light-duty staple gun, with the glue, along with the trim pieces and the staples, the burlap will be able to hold lots of earrings.


Step 8. Screw the painted cup hooks into the front cross trim pieces through the burlap, place the hooks wherever you feel they will be best used to hold longer pieces like; necklaces, bracelets and anklets.


Step 9. Add hooks to the top, screw the hooks in 1 inch in from the edge, run ribbon, rope, string or wire through the eye for hanging.


Step 10. Hang the jewelry organizer, fill it with your favorite and most often worn pieces of jewelry.


Just like the change of the season, the jewelry fashion changes as well. The cool colors, and the lightweight materials and textures of Spring/Summer clothing and jewelry will take hold and help us all proclaimed, and rejoice in, the coming of the new seasons.....woohoo!

Getting spring-cleaning, and organizing done, while the temperature and weather keep us indoors is a blessing in a "snowy disguise"…because once the weather turns to the warm sunny spring…we all want to be out and about, with waiting outdoor projects…. the garden is calling!!!

Build this jewelry organizer…. Create something fun and functional; build it now, do not wait to for a snowstorm, seize the day!

Welcome Spring!     Maureen

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Posted 2017-03-16T17:01:00+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Love the photos! What a creative idea!

Posted 2017-03-25T21:23:52+0000  by Grow2girl
Hi Maureen and Chris,

Wow, I opened the flood gates, keep the great posts coming, both were well done!

Posted 2018-03-29T16:49:16+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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