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DIY Moss Covered Spring Wreath



The greening up of ground moss is an early sign of spring, the earth is waking up and the ground is getting warm, the brown tones of the moss that was sleeping underneath the snow is now perking up and glowing with that fresh, new, spring green; the beautiful greens of renewal, rebirth and the start of the growing season. I just love the sight of moss!



Say hello to spring with an easy as can be moss wreath!




Home Depot has sheet moss, Spanish moss and long fiber sphagnum moss available in the garden department. I also found a few other varieties of moss at a local craft store that added a different hue to the selection of mosses that I picked up at my Home Depot. 


Start with a simple grape vine, or twig wreath, grab your hot glue gun, select several types of dried moss, ribbon and have scissors and twine nearby.



Sheet moss needs to be opened and separated, there is a lot of moss in one bag if you pull it apart and spread it out.



Apply the hot glue right onto the wreath, then press hunks of moss onto the glued area; mind your finger tips from the glue, the moss is thin and glue is hot so be cautious.



You can cover the entire wreath or just the bottom, or cover ¾ of the wreath as I did, which allowed for the bow to take over the top portion of the wreath and not cover up any moss.


I added some natural jute twine around the wreath, any type of string, ribbon or garden twine will help to enhance the beauty of the moss.


Gather up your ribbon and make a grand bow, twist it up with floral wire and attach it to the wreath!



The spring brings a few events: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Passover, and my favorite day of the whole year…May Day; Embellish the wreath with specific holiday decorations.



Create a wreath that will welcome this entire season of holidays and celebrate the season itself, it’s a “moss have”.


Yay…… Welcome Spring!!!        





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