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DIY Pedal Board

I am wanting to build a Pedal Board, but am unsure how to go about putting outlets in and the best way to ensure the handle is sturdy. Any advice on these? I attached an image to give an idea of what I am hoping to accomplish with the electrical cords.
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Posted 2015-11-11T18:18:56+0000  by Malloryduh Malloryduh

Hi Malloryduh,

Creating a pedal board sounds like a great project to tackle.

Unfortunately, I couldn't see any image you uploaded, sorry. If you can try to upload it again so we can assist you further.

But, in terms of outlets, it can be done provided you carefully cut out the holes so whatever outlet you choose will snugly and safely fit in it. Any outlet requires a junction box behind it, so choose a shallow one like the one below or in metal to cover up the exposed areas.

Carlon 1-Gang 8 cu. in. Flanged Shallow Old Work Box

Anytime you are working with portable electricity, be sure all wires and connections are fastened and secured as well as can be.

For your handle, it is up to you what type of style you'd like. To view all handles that The Home Depot sells, please click here.

If you can, try to re-upload the image if you can. Also, let us know if we can assist  you further.


Posted 2015-11-11T18:31:54+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Howdy Malloryduh,

I didn't see any updates on your "pedal posting" so I thought I'd share my recent pedal board project with you.

First thing to do is come up with a basic plan. If it's beyond your skill, you may want some help with the wood cutting. Here are some ideas that I've come up with in the past.

Sometimes simple is best.

I've seen skateboards used as well as anything else you can think of.

I decided on a two story model and used this as my plan.

Here is the board before I sanded it.

Here it is after I painted it, added edges, and other details.

This is a power source from an old pedal board I had. You could use a regular surge protector and get the similar results.

Here is a close up of my pedal board. I had to change the color to get the look I wanted.

Hopefully this will inspire you to come up with a great idea for your custom pedal board.

Happy building,
Coach Dave

Posted 2015-12-18T01:00:53+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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