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DIY Pool Deck

Our pool deck material has crumbled apart.  We are scraping it all off and want to trowel on a new coat of decking and then paint it.  Can anyone recommend a product for the decking, and a paint? 

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Posted 2011-07-02T18:16:27+0000  by sherimac sherimac

Hey sherimac,


Thank you for question, let me welcome you to the community!


Sorry to hear about your pool deck :smileysad:


You are on the right track to get off the old coats of wood and paint. Keep cleaning off the bad areas, and in terms of getting some of the paint off, you can use a semi-paste paint thinner, not liquid to get the material off easier. This is the best way to get layers of grime and paint off without heavy scrubbing or sanding. If you get the bad areas cleaned and the bad decking removed, you have several options now to choose from in terms of getting a new deck and paint.


For the decking, you can choose your standard 5/4" deck boards that are sold in our lumber department. They are pressure-treated to take the abuse of weathering outside and near your pool. You can paint or stain them to whatever you prefer. 

Also, consider composite decking that we sell by Veranda. Some stores to my knowledge have them, some don't. The good news is that they are generally sold next to the wood 5/4" deck boards, and there are many more available through special ordering them. Check out their website to read more about the product, here is the link


As for paint, you can use a good porch and floor enamel, but I would strongly suggest to use an oil-based primer to go underneath first. Main reason for doing so is so that your top coat will adhere better and that the wood stains, the tannic acid, won't bleed through, allowing for unsightly colors. Now if the thought of priming and painting is daunting, consider using a solid color stain. We sell many types and even have them in a solid color that looks like a paint, but soaks into the decking, allowing for no primer coat!  They look great and are water-based, just like paint. 

Behr Solid Color Deck Stain.JPG

Come down to your local Home Depot in the lumber and paint departments, we have brochures of decking boards and paint and stain swatches so you can get the exact solution you want to renew your pool deck!


Thanks, and let us know if you have any further questions!


Posted 2011-07-02T19:11:53+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thanks so much AboveAverageJoe. I guess I wasn't entirely clear, as I realize now that in most areas of the country, a pool deck is generally wood. However, I'm in Arizona.  We have a concrete deck, with cool deck material applied to a concrete slab.  The cool deck material is like mortar, and it looks like it's trowled on in a thin coat, about 1/8 inch thick, right onto the concrete.  Then it is painted with a specific kind of paint that is supposed to make decks cooler (today is 116 degrees, and it is supposed to keep the deck cooler on the feet, but ours is so worn off that it's just painful.)


Pieces of the deck material are literally falling into the pool.  As areas crumble, it just continues across the surface of the walking area.  So we are scraping off as much as possible.  We know we have to get all the paint off (probably by sanding?) at least, before applying a new coat of deck material. 


I'm wondering what that trwoled-on decking material is.  And then what paint to apply over it.  Can we buy that at Home Depot?



Posted 2011-07-02T23:55:43+0000  by sherimac


Hi Sherimac.


Here are a couple of solutions for you to consider:


  1. Have the pool surface professionally resurfaced and sealed.  This is most likely the best solution for long term stability of the concrete decking surface.  It is however the most costly solution to consider.
  2. Apply a thick, textured restoring coat over the existing surface.  This is a good DIY project that when done properly can add several years of life to the concrete pool decking.  Deck Restore by SYNTA is a product we carry that I have received a lot of positive feed back from.  After you have removed the loose and crumbling old surface and have prepared the surface – you can apply the product directly over the existing concrete. 

Deck Restore is a new technology coating that acts like a LIQUID ARMOR RESURFACER.  It’s a textured one part latex product that will last 8-10 years on surfaces.  The anti- slip coating can be mixed in over 20 different colors.



I hope this helps a bit.  Please let us all know how the project is coming along - post pictures as well.

Posted 2011-07-03T16:22:35+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

PERFECT!  Thanks so much for the recommendation. Will let you know how it goes... =)

Posted 2011-07-04T02:15:15+0000  by sherimac
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