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DIY: Replacing an iron staircase railing with a Wooden one.

We recently bought a house and the staircase has a iron railing. We want to replace it with a wooden railing. With a house that needs a completely new kitchen and bathrooms we are looking for anything we can do ourselves. Does anyone have any good Do it yourself websites or information  regarding this?



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Posted 2011-05-18T00:43:45+0000  by ekamph ekamph



My name is Tom, known here in the community as HD116, and I have helped people go from wood to iron, but have not seen a request to go the other way. This couple did just that and gave some progress photos that I think you will like. So so you may find the following link useful;


I found this link to be useful in laying out the project;


This video by Tom Silva of This Old House is a good resource if there are no balusters involved;,,1631514,00.html


Your local Home Depot's millwork department can be a valuable resource as well. In my local store we are fortunate to have a cabinet maker (expert woodworker), and a skilled carpenter in addition to myself that are experienced with this type of project and are more than willing to help with useful ideas and tips.


Welcome to our community, and let me know if we can assist you further in any way. Oh, and please take some before and after pictures so we can see how your project turns out!



Posted 2011-05-18T14:32:39+0000  by HD116
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