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DIY Winter White Window Boxes and Planters

Planting up seasonal window boxes and planters can be so exhilarating! Changing the flowers, greens and colors of the past plantings by adding fresh plants to greet the season that approaches, totally transforms the planters and embraces the spirit of the new season.

Planters and window boxes change like your wardrobe; pansies and daffodils are planted in window boxes to welcome the spring, and geraniums thrive and withstand the heat of the summer, mums host the cooler harvest months, and sprigs of evergreen branches with boughs of red-berried holly, are so carefully chosen to be arranged in boxes and planters that usher in the winter/holiday season.

This year for my holiday/winter planters I have decided to go with the serene palette of seasonal greens, along with winter white. I started to think about the winter transition, for my planters, in the autumn months. (gardeners always think in seasonal change mode) I knew that I wanted a to create a calm, peaceful, holiday climate, and invite the purity of the season to my home.

The beauty of the flowering ornamental cabbage and kale was the inspiration for this seasonal planting. The Nagoya series of flowering kale produces the most beautiful ruffled, fringed leaf white kale; the center is a pure, winter white, that spirals out to be framed by a deep, silver-green leaf. The intricacies, and the basic perfection, of the kale leaf form needed to be showcased, the rest of planters evolved from there.

Late season white mums, birch branches, curly willow, white gourds and evergreen braches were combined to create a few simple, elegant, planters and boxes that will bridge the harvest Thanksgiving day holiday to that of Christmas, and the New Year.

Plant some ornamental Cabbage and kale in your winter/holiday boxes, the frost of the January mornings will bring sparkle and a frozen glitter to the already magical leaves!

Add some “Winter White” to your interior home décor as well; visit the Home Decorators Collections for a selection of pure and simple elements to bring peace, and beauty to your home. Check out this perfect white Christmas tree!

As the season progresses add more greens, twigs and pine cones to the "Winter White" boxes, the arrangement will carry you right into the New Year!

Enjoy the purity of the holidays, Maureen 

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Posted 2016-11-17T17:27:42+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Very unique and stunning! Great job!
Posted 2016-12-01T05:32:10+0000  by Grow2girl
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