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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

DIY Wood Slice & Burlap Winter Wreath


Putting away Christmas decorations, taking down the tree and stripping the front door of its wreath leaves quite a void in the life of a holiday lover.  The winter is long and dark in the northeast so putting away the holiday sparkle and glitz, and rolling up the strings of lights is not an easy task.


This year I am going to make the signs of the holidays linger into the days of winter. The white birch logs have become very popular and trendy in Christmas and holiday décor in the past few years. The bare branch poles of the white birch tree are used in window boxes and planters; the poles smooth bark has a timeless, wonderful, wintery appeal!


Create a winter door greater with a few simple ingredients and tools:


Tools: miter box and saw, scissors, drill

Materials: birch branch pole, twine, eye hooks, pine cones, tape measure, ribbon, sharpie marker




Step 1: Using a miter box and saw I cut a 16 inch pole, and 24 - ½ inch to 1 inch wide slices of the branch, making birch medallions 



Step 2: Drill a pilot hole into the edge of the birch slice with a 5/64 drill bit, and then screw in eye hooks. Do the same to the 16 inch pole ends.




Step 3: With the sharpie marker print the letters of the word “winter” (or anything that beckons the season) onto the birch slice medallion. 



Step 4: String the twine through eye hooks (about 18 inches) and tie them off. Double the twine and run it through the pole eye hooks for hanging, tie it off.



Step 5: Screw eye hooks into pine cones, (or anything that evokes winter) attach twine, with random pieces of birch slices.



Step 6: Wined the twine around pole and let the letter hang and spell out winter, then add extra pine cones to pole.



Step 7: Make a bow for the top of twine hanger. (I just made the bow and hung it off the nail that the greeter is hanging from.


The winter is here to stay, well for a few months anyway, so why not embrace it! The snow will fly, the winds will blow, and the chill will keep us all wishing and waiting for the bright skies of the spring. Brighten up your winter days with a few winter decorations, celebrate the bare dormancy of the trees, it will make you appreciate their rebirth and awakening with the buds and blooms in the spring that much more!


Check your holiday decoration….. is there anything that bridges the transition between the holidays and the winter months? Let us know how you deal with the holiday decoration void…. how do you brighten your winter days? We would love to know.  



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Posted 2016-01-21T20:05:48+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS