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DIY kingsize headboard

Hello!  I'm planning to build a headboard for my kingsize bed.....I've watched a few online blogs throug pintrest and other places for ideas but I was planning to keep it pretty basic-- just some plywood covered by batting and then material-- all stapled to the plywood.


My questions are:

1-- What is the best way to stabilize the headboard if we have a platform bed?  Should I put legs on it or just mount it on the wall?  If wall-mounting-- what types of mounts should I use? 


2--Can H.D. cut the plywood to my specifications if I purchase the wood at one of your locations?  Is there an additional charge to cut?


3--Can I rent a staple gun from HD?


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted 2012-10-30T16:55:34+0000  by DiligentDT DiligentDT

Hi Diligent DT,


The easiest way to mount the headboard would be on the wall. We sell the Ook Hangman French Cleat Hangers.


These are an easy to use and strong two piece hanger which will allow you to remove the head board for cleaning or to change the fabric color as you desire.


One piece mounts on the headboard and the other on the wall. They simply slip together and hold up to 200 pounds of weight!


Your local Home Depot can cut the plywood for you; (straight cuts only) just take your dimensions to the store and pick out the wood you want.


Pneumatic staplers are available for rent at Home Depot tool centers, however you can purchase a manual or electric stapler for less than renting a pneumatic stapler and compressor.


Let us know how this works out for you, and post some pictures!










Posted 2012-11-06T00:50:56+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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