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DIY table remodel --> Farmhouse Table

I have a wooden kitchen table and chairs that are already painted and stained. I would like to paint the table and chair legs (now black) white. 

A lot of what I'm seeing online suggests using chalk paint for the "farmhouse" look. How necessary is that? I have a lot of leftover paint from painting our doors and trim throughout the house. Could I use that and cover it with some kind of wax topcoat?

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Posted 2018-04-26T13:17:38+0000  by MLHoff MLHoff
Hi MLHoff,

Chalk paint is often recommended due to it's ability to cover in one coat with the convenience of virtually no surface preparation. You may use leftover latex interior paint on your table, however a primer will be required due to the severity of the color change (black to white).  

Sand the surface to remove any sheen prior to applying the primer.  Depending upon the quality of the latex paint you are using a second coat may be required. You can use water based Varathane as a top coat to add sheen and durability to the finish.


Posted 2018-04-26T19:57:30+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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