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DROUGHT: Water Efficient Bath Kitchen Faucet and Shower Heads???

Hello Home Depot Experts, 

   I am in Los Angeles where we are experiencing a extreme drought and we need to bring our was water usage down by a mandatory 25%. I live in a 7,000 live work space with 20 people. We have 2 kitchen and 5 bathrooms. I need to find the the lowest cost best deals in water saving bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets and bathroom shower heads while shopping on the Home website. I am confused by all of the options, need to streamline this process and to be educated.

I need 6 bathroom Faucets ( 2 one hole and 4 three hole, 2 kitchen sink faucets, 2 shower heads and 1 bath/shower faucet combo.

I know you have the answers!
(((pix are attached of current hardware)))

Shon Snowe

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Posted 2015-04-10T19:03:57+0000  by ShonSnowe ShonSnowe

Hello ShonSnowe, and welcome to the community! 

Sorry to hear that your area is going through a bad patch, hopefully my info will help get you through and avoid any possibly fines.Well, you came to the right place for info on Water Conservation. I have several articles and tons of info to share with you. Click on the links below and you will find what you need, and if you don't, please reply back. 

Water Conservation

Water Conservation Kit

Faucet Aerator


The Eco Options Program

Top Water Saving Devices At The Home Depot

Posted 2015-04-10T21:21:50+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Hi ShonSnowe,

Here's a more direct solution; two examples each ... designed to eliminate "confusion."

Water efficient:

Posted 2015-08-25T23:06:51+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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