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Damp Basement.....

I am remodeling a friend of mine's parent's old place. Long story short its in shambles and I have a teeny tiny budget. Ideally I would have an excavation crew come in and weather proof the exterior walls of the basement, but I am not sure where to start looking or what kind of credentials to look for. Is this something I will need city permits for? Can I diy it? 

I also need to replace the fascia, soffits, and gutters install rain barrels and get the landscaping in support of keeping the basement dry, I am thinking raised flower beds and potted plants.  My plan is to work from the outside to ensure I'm not just trapping water inside my basement walls. ANY ADVICE  would rock!!! 


Excavation and water proofing exterior basement walls


Fascia, soffit and gutter replacement


Supportive landscaping




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Posted 2011-11-16T17:34:40+0000  by naomilongmire naomilongmire



1 - Downspouts should drain at least 6 feet from the foundation wall.

2 - Landscaping should slope away from the house, and be especially sure that there is no place water would puddle within 6 feet of the house.

3 - Here in the Northeast, you'll need at least 6 inches between the soil and the lowest point of the siding to prevent termites or carpenter ants. If you're down south or out west, your numbers may be different.

4 - It's very likely you'll need permits. Every municipality is different, you'll need to call the codes office to be sure.

5 - You don't want to do the excavating yourself. Too many ways things can go wrong. If it's just damp, you can try painting with Drylok, which should help with dampness. If there's running water, that would be different.


Hope it helps! 

Posted 2011-11-16T20:28:57+0000  by rehhausser
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