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Dead Patchy lawn :(

Trying to bring back to life my mother's lawn. I started with the most important thing...watering.  I watered the lawn and applied EZ seed.  It helped out so much.  But now I have a patchy, sad looking lawn.  I'm slowly but surely using a pick to remove the hard dead grass that I'm sure is preventing the seeds to grow. But I have no idea what I'm doing. I need advice.  I moved in with my mom to help her, so I have a tight budget and a long list of things to fix around the house.  But she loves her garden and the grass is the most obvious. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.  :)

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Posted 2012-07-27T18:51:02+0000  by mariadjmolina mariadjmolina

Hi mariadjmolina,


Welcome to our community and thank you for your question.  I can relate to your situation.  I had a similar experience about 20 years ago with my mother.  It took me about two years to make it all the way around the house, taking out over grown bushes and trees to close to the foundation as well as getting the back yard green again.  So far it sounds like you have the right idea are doing in the right direction.  Just by watering the lawn, the new grass has come in and by using the Scotts EZ Seed, you have done a very good job. 


It might be easier to use a tilling fork to loosen up the soil rather than digging up the area with a pick.  


Tilling Digging Fork2.jpg  How to Areate your fruit tree 0 01 13-10.jpg


The tilling fork can be used to aerate the ground.   That is, it pokes holes into the soil without having to dig up the soil.  This only works if you can get the tilling fork into the ground.  The process of aeration will allow air, water and nutrients to percolate down to the root system of the grass and help it to get back to a healthy green. 


When you are watering, it is best to use a hose end sprinkler rather than try to water by hand.  Using a hose end sprinkler will allow the water to better soak into a specific area.  Usually you can leave it soak into one spot for 20 – 30 minutes after you have aerated the area.   


If the ground is too hard to get the tilling fork into, you will need to water the desired area in short, 5 minute sessions to allow the ground to soak up the water in small amounts and then try to insert the tilling fork into the ground.  I have down the project using a tilling for in small areas but I have also had to use a regular aerating machine to handle my larger back yard in its entirety. 


Aerating Machine Front view.jpgAerating Machine rear view2c- 0 00 00-01.jpgAerating Machine.jpg


I commend you for taking the time and effort to help out a parent.  I am sure that your mother will appreciate it greatly!


Be sure to take some before and after pictures of all you work and share them with the community!


This has been another of,

Posted 2012-07-27T20:15:40+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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