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Dead crabgrass, lawn a mess, New England area

I just bought a house last week and started to work on the lawn. The front lawn looks green and healthy, great shape. The back yard has some small dead spots, and lot of crab grass. I plan on thatching the lawn in the back since there is a lot of thatch since I don't think they mowed thelawn with a bag.


Now for the help. I live in Rhode Island and I bought some Ortho weed and crab grass killer. I spayed the cab grass and saw no results in 24 hours like the bottle said. Sprayed it the next 3 morning and now the cab grass is dead, but wasn't expecting what it did. They are all yellow and i have a lot on the edge that it looks a mess. So question is what is my next step? I ripped some up, but that just left a big dirt hole...I think I thought they would fold up in a ball and go away. 

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Posted 2012-08-24T03:04:17+0000  by Auxiliary Auxiliary

We're entering the prime time for seeding your lawn. September is a great time to seed northern grasses.


The Certified Nursery Consultant at your local Home Depot will be happy to recommend the best grass for your area.




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Posted 2012-08-28T12:52:22+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

Welcome to our community Auxiliary and thank you for our question. 


Yes, it would be nice if all those nasty weeds would just go away after they we sprayed them, but it is still necessary for our hands to get into the soil and remove the dead culprits!  It does sound like you over sprayed the area and as a result you may have killed off your regular grass as well.  The weed killer should dissipate in about a week. After that you next step will be to clear the surface of all dead material.


 Using a garden rake and/or a tilling tool will aid you in this process. 


Garden Rake.jpgCombo hand held cultivator&hoe.jpgTilling Digging Fork2.jpg 


Once the area has been dug up, level it out.  It may be necessary to add some soil amendments to the soil before you decide if you want to put down seed or sod.  Check with your local Home Depot Garden Center for product availability.  Seed will be the cheapest but also takes the longest tp germinate.  Sod is instantaneous and you will have a green yard right away. 


The soil preparation for seed and sod are the same except for the topper needed if you choose to use seed.  The topper is used as a bed for the seed as well as for a covering to keep the seed moist after it has been applied. 


                                       Scotts Lawn soil.jpg


You are going to have to re-do your back lawn and it is just a matter of deciding which road to take.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance to you.  Good luck with your project.


This has been another of,

Posted 2012-08-24T17:29:46+0000  by Rick_HD_OC

Is it still a good time to lay down seed now or should i wait until next year?

Posted 2012-08-27T20:05:28+0000  by Auxiliary

Certified huh? Was unaware of that.....let me take some pics of my lawn and go andwhat they they suggest I use for seed. 

Thank you

Posted 2012-08-29T02:36:50+0000  by Auxiliary
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