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Dead spots near the sidewalk

Hello everyone.


So this is my dilema. I live is Southern California i have Mostly St. Agustine grass and i was told to water it for 30-45 min a day which i do. it has done a good job of squeezing out weeds i had up there. i was told to Mow the lawn short and add Fertilizer which i did. The rest of the lawn is reacting well to this except the edge that is near the sidewalk it looks like this. What should i do next to help this section fill in and green up. Thanks for any help.



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Posted 2012-07-24T17:37:10+0000  by tubbyrob tubbyrob

Hi again tubbyrob,


Providing you have dealt with any fungus that may be in your lawn, I would use the Kellogg Garden soil or the Kellogg's Topper on the thin area.  Once that has been applied, you could use a light application of Fish Emulsion sprayed on using your Ortho Dial and Spray.  You will need to add water to the Dial N Spray container.  Use about 50% water and 50% Fish Emulsion.  Apply about two table spoons per gallon of the diluted mixture over the area you coated with the Topper or the Garden Soil.


Ortho Dial N Spray.jpgFish Emulsion.jpg


Your watering program is good, providing you are not watering in the evening or at night.  I would advise against mowing the lawn short.  I have had St. Augustine in my SoCal yard for over 30 years and I mow it no shorter than 2 inches.  Any shorter and you will burn the grass from the sunlight.  Try using your 4 Tine Cultivator and scratch the area up that  is in your picture then add the Kellogg's Garden Soil or Topper.  Water in using the Fish Emulsion mix and see what happens.  The soil in this area should not be bone dry but rather damp.  I hope that this helps.



Posted 2012-09-14T23:34:33+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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