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Deck Project

We are planning on giving our deck a makeover. The previous owners painted the deck with redwood paint of some unknown kind of paint. I'm curious do find out if after we apply the deck stripping product and power wash the entire deck if it would be recommended to re-apply deck paint or if we should apply deck stain. We are planning to keep the same or very similar color. Thanks so much!!
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Posted 2018-04-27T18:41:18+0000  by Tflesher Tflesher
Howdy Tflesher,


   First off – the deck has to be cleaned. Pressure washing is the best way, but if you don’t have access to one a garden hose, a stiff bristle brush, and a big bucket will get the job done. Both methods require a cleaner/mildew fighting solution to prepare the surface. If you can, try and clean the deck several days before the big work day arrives. Follow the directions on the labels of the solution.


Here are a couple of my favorite cleaners to consider:


deck clean.jpg4b63612a-0782-4467-a2c7-79f44ad8e081_300.jpgfe5c6b0a-63ca-4be7-a634-7a9e6bc6f742_300.jpg


   The pressure washer may be able to scrape up all the loose “paint” from the floor. Try and remove as much as possible. If you are not able to use a PW, then you will have to use a scraping tool. Also, Behr has a deck stripper that will remove all of the paint and provide you with a consistent raw wood surface.




   It is not advisable to put“paint” down on a deck floor. Paint will dry as a skin-like layer that is not designed to handle the many scenarios a deck floor goes through. Stain is the best choice. A solid stain looks like a paint but actually penetrates the wood and will adhere better. If you want to do the best job that will last the longest, then the stain is the way to go.  




  With that said…If you want to go with paint, then BEHR does have an excellent version of their interior ULTRA (paint/primer) for exterior use. I have used it on deck handrails from raw wood to finish coat and have had great results. For the floor you should use the BEHR Porch and Floor paint (it’s designed to handle being walked on). The product is a “self primer” (used as a two coat application) and will last for many years to come.




I know it sounds like a lot to take in, but when done right - you will not have to revisit this project anytime soon.

Happy Building,

Coach Dave

Posted 2018-04-30T19:05:48+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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