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Deck design software


I was at my local Home Depot today and they used a deck design tool called Big Hammer Pro. I looked it up in the internet and came out with this link: but it turns out that the application has been disabled for some reason. Does anyone have an idea if we can still use it? It is pretty cool for what I saw today at the store.

Much appreciated!

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Posted 2016-04-10T01:46:00+0000  by Seba8282 Seba8282
Hello Seba8282.  Welcome to the Community!

Yes, that application appears to be the same one our Pro Sales folks use in our stores.

I have not ever used this software to design a deck, so I thought that today I might download it and see if I could make it work.

Step one is to become a registered user so I can log in to the website.

After putting in my zip code, I went to the next step which was a system check of my desktop computer for minimum requirements.

I don't believe that the online application has been disabled, but it does have some specific requirements for computing power.

I got a warning window that told me my integrated graphics were insufficient to run this software with all its features.  That window allowed me to proceed anyway and download the software.

I seem to be able to work many of the features of this software, but there is no 3D view available, and Home Visualization does not work either.  Well, I was warned.

The default Open GL software included with Windows has been version 1.1 for a long time.  This software requires V1.2 or higher, which is easy to find included in the drivers with almost any discrete graphics card.
Maybe that's the glitch you are running into.

Also, for some reason you must be running Microsoft Internet Explorer as well in a Windows system.  Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are not supported.  There are other restrictions and requirements as well.



Posted 2016-04-12T18:45:19+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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