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Deck is detaching from the home

The contractor that built my home never used lag screws to attach the deck to the home.  The deck has now partially detached itself from the home.  How do I jack the deck horizontally so that I can re-attach the deck to the home and install lag screws so that the fix is done correctly?  Thank you!


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Posted 2011-05-18T21:01:01+0000  by dave1450 dave1450

Greetings Dave,


My name is Tom, known here in the community as HD 116. I have built and repaired many decks in my career, and you are right they should ALWAYS be lagged to and through the rim joist of the house. Further, in my area the common practice is to put the bolts of the lags on the outside to show that it is in fact bolted, not just a lag screw. That removes all doubt.


It will be very difficult to "jack" the deck horizontally without an immovable object like an established tree or a building within a short distance. If it is only slightly detached, my thought would be to use extra long galvanized or stainless steel lag bolts and oversized washers every 12 to 18 inches (check the code for your area) and slowly tighten them a few turns at a time. Alternate as you go drawing the deck back in securely. This should resolve the issue.


Allow me to welcome you to our community and let us know if we can assist further.



Posted 2011-05-19T12:42:51+0000  by HD116
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