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Deck is looking grubby. Decided I'm going to sand the old paint off. Any tips?





After a couple minutes of sanding with a orbital sander. I'm afraid it's latex.


Any pointers? Sanding technique? Paint color? The house is white vinyl.

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Posted 2013-08-05T19:23:28+0000  by Zeusasaurus Zeusasaurus



If you are intent on sanding the deck, an orbital sander won't 'hack-it". The best for an older deck is a belt sander using a very course 36 grit paper for the initial sanding. Why such a course paper? The course grit paper will not immediately clog up, especially if the surface being sanded has a latex product on it. After having removed the majority of the old finish, then convert to a 100 weight paper and smooth the surface out. do not use anything finer than 100 grit, as too fine a paper can cause the grain of the wood to glaze over, preventing absorbtion of the new stain.


There are also large orbital sanders that are used for sanding floors. The problem with these is that decks are rarely perfectly smooth. many of the boards are cupped or bowed. A large orbital will flatten the bowed boards and miss the cupped boards. A belt sander is capable of riding the waves of the boards to get all the surfaces.


Alternatively, you can use Behr's Deck Stripper. This will chemically remove the finish to where it will simply be washed away with a pressure washer or garden hose. It must then be neutralized with Behr's 2 in 1 Deck Cleaner, which is a mild acid. the deck cleaner will also bring back the original cedar color.


After having let the deck dried out, you will be ready to re-stain with the product of your choice.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-08-05T20:17:30+0000  by ordjen

Excellent! This is just what I needed to know, thanks.

Posted 2013-08-06T02:48:25+0000  by Zeusasaurus

Hello Zeusasaurus!


Sanding is a great idea ... if you drive the screws or nails below the wood surface.


Otherwise, you'll damage the sander.


Using Behr Stripper is another great idea ... as long as you wear protective eye wear, gloves, and long pants and shirt.


Otherwise, you may damage you skin or eyes.


Stripping is likely the easiest as long as you protect yourself.



The stripper is labeled, "Do Not Use High Pressure."


Simply rinse with the garden hose.

Posted 2013-08-06T17:42:02+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

 I would have to agree that you have to be very carefull  when using a pressure washer on decks. It is very easy to gouge the wood. Cedar also has a tendency to fuzz up, at which point you are down with the sander again getting rid of the fuzzy wood fiber.


If using a power washer, it should be as a vigorous rinse, using the 40 degree tip and the tip pulled back from the deck surface.  Also, the spray wand should always be moving at the moment the trigger is pulled, as there is an initial surge of pressure whick can leave a gouge or noticeable mark.

Posted 2013-08-06T20:06:13+0000  by ordjen
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