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Defiant Daylight Adjusting Digital Timer Doesn't Turn Lights Off

I installed this timer on Friday (Jan 8 2016) and it seemed to work fine.  The lights came on at dusk - just as I had programmed it to.  However, it was about 11 am when my neighbor texted me and said the lights were still on.  I had set dawn to be 6:30 AM.  On the screen it was set to Auto ON.  What is weird is when I opened the little door to get to the buttons the lights then turned off and went to Auto OFF.  I thought maybe this door was causing an issue, but the same thing happened this morning.  Lights are still on - as I type.  I don't feel this is a wiring issue as they turn on as expected and also turn off if I click the button.  Any ideas?  Faulty unit?  I hope not as it was a you know what to get it installed in the box.  Thanks for any help you can give.
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Posted 2016-01-10T14:52:26+0000  by MGoBlue MGoBlue
Update 1:  Lights did not turn on automatically tonight.
Posted 2016-01-10T23:36:57+0000  by MGoBlue
Hello MGoBlue.  Welcome to the Community!

What I think is going on has to do with programming.  Looking at the instructions, it is a rather complex and confusing process.  After you program the days, then the instructions guide you through programming the ON time.  Next is section 2C, which tells you to repeat this process for the OFF times.  Last is to save the program.  If you saved the program without going through the OFF times sequence, then this would explain the results you are getting.

I would delete your program 1 and start over.

On-line Instructions

I agree that the wiring is not likely the issue, as you do get functionality both as a switch and power through the timer itself.  This tells me that there was a white neutral wire in the electrical box as well as the 2 needed power leads, and were hooked up just fine.


Posted 2016-01-12T15:49:04+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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