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Defiant Daylight Adjusting Digital Timer Doesn't Turn Lights Off/On Automacially

I installed this timer on Friday (Jan 8 2016) and it seemed to work fine.  The lights came on at dusk - just as I had programmed it to.  However, it was about 11 am when my neighbor texted me and said the lights were still on.  I had set dawn to be 6:30 AM.  On the screen it was set to Auto ON.  What is weird is when I opened the little door to get to the buttons the lights then turned off and went to Auto OFF.  I thought maybe this door was causing an issue, but the same thing happened this morning.  Now, this evening, the lights did not come on automatically.    I don't feel this is a wiring issue because they  turn off and on if I click the button.  Any ideas?  Faulty unit?  I hope not as it was a you know what to get it installed in the box.  Thanks for any help you can give
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Posted 2016-01-10T23:36:37+0000  by MGoBlue MGoBlue
Hi MGoBlue.

Please see my comments at your original post on this topic.


Posted 2016-01-12T15:53:33+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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