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Defiant Daylight Adjusting Digital Timer trouble shooting

I've wired the Defiant switch into its single-pole position.  My home wiring has no connections for the white or red wires (that I see, nor that the other switches have).  So I've wired the switch exactly as the Intermatic I'm replacing with the black, blue and green wires connected.


The new switch has no readout on the display, nor any indication of power to the switch.  The switch sharing the junction box works and the breaker panel has all breakers on.  I've tried the Reset button.


Defective switch?  Or improper wiring?


Thank you,

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Posted 2013-09-15T19:38:22+0000  by nveroske nveroske

Hello nveroske.  Welcome to the Community!


There are timers available that do not require that pesky white wire you are missing.  Apparently this particular Defiant model is not one of them.  It is not unusual for a switch box to contain only the power in and out wires.  A switch does not consume power, and therefore does not need a neutral white wire to complete the circuit.  It works only as a pass through to interrupt or turn power on to a load.


The Timer you have is not defective, but just needs that white wire.  If it is easy to pull a white wire from the load then that's one option for you to make this timer work properly.  If this is not easy, I recommend that you return this timer and look at models that clearly say on the package front "No Neutral Wire Required".


Is this what you are looking for?





Posted 2013-09-20T21:17:29+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI



Thank you for your time to reply.  I called the Home Depot help line, talked to an electrician with this result:


My switch box had white wired tucked in the back.  I was uncertain what they did but he assured me.  I wire-nutted the Timer to them but still had no readout on the Timer display.


He then had me switch the black and blue wires.  That gave me a working display.


He walked me through the programming process in about 5 minutes vs who-knows-how-long it would have taken me adn all is working well..


What I like about the adjusting timer is the automatic adjustment for turning on at dusk as well as the range-variable shut-off time, hence giving the appearance of someone actually being at home.  The previous adjusting timer, an Intermatic also purchased from Home Depot in 2008, had quit functioning.  This was the 2nd one I've installed since about 2002.  Hopefully the Defiant will have a longer life.  The concept is excellent and the pricing isn't too bad given the function.


Thanks again for your help.



Posted 2013-09-20T21:56:47+0000  by nveroske
Thanks for posting this. The instructions are so specific about black going to the top black wire, and blue to the bottom that I didn't think to swap them. Guess that is what I get for reading instructions!

Flipped them and all was swell. Thanks for lowering my blood pressure.
Posted 2013-11-30T04:02:56+0000  by Wonko

I recently purchased two of these timers - one for my front porch light (installed & working great) and one for my bedroom as I travel a lot and like to give the appearance of someone being home.


I'm having trouble with the one in my bedroom.  I have power to the switch and the display is working/keeping time, but when I hit the manual overide to turn the light on, the display on the timer flickers for half a second and then comes back on, but nothing happens to the actual light, i.e. it doesn't come on.  The light in question is single switch ceiling fan/light combo, so is that the problem?  Will this switch not work with that kind of setup?

Posted 2014-01-27T22:40:32+0000  by TxWarEagle
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