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Defiant Model 49814 Indoor timer switch

I installed the timer switch replacing a single pole switch which operates 3 outside landscape lights.  All lights worked prior to installing the timer, and now only 2 work.  I've checked the wiring and reconnected the neutral wire multiple times thinking the dead light wasn't getting a good connection, but still nothing.  Is there anything that would prevent this from working on more than two lights?

Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks!
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Posted 2016-11-07T01:18:26+0000  by BRebecek BRebecek
The timer is rated for 20 amps, so unless you've got some awfully big bulbs in those landscape lights, that's not the problem.  Are these line voltage lights or is there a transformer in there?  Typically something like landscape lights would  be wired in a "daisy chain" manner - power goes to the first light, from the first to the second, and so on.

Have you checked for power at the non-working light?  Tried replacing the bulb?
Posted 2016-11-07T09:24:06+0000  by Adam444
Hello BRevecek.  Welcome to the Community!

If nothing else has changed other than you installing a dimmer in place of a switch, then wiring seems to be the problem.  Otherwise, it is pure coincidence that a light bulb burned out just when you installed the dimmer. 
The dimmer will not care if it powers 1, 2 or 3 lights.  The odds of that third light losing power due to a bad connection anywhere else is slim indeed.  So that takes us back to the dimmer wiring.

Power into the dimmer goes to the black dimmer wire.  Power out of the dimmer to the lights goes to the blue dimmer wire.  You know about the white neutral that the dimmer needs, and I assume that the neutral to any and all of your lights has not been interrupted when you hooked up the dimmer.  Remember that the switch you had did not have a neutral wire hookup.  Lastly, there is a red wire coming off the dimmer that is only used for 3-way wiring.  You are using this dimmer as a single pole switch, so the red wire needs to be capped off and not used.

If you need it, the instructions online for your dimmer can be found here:



Posted 2016-11-10T17:47:12+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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