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Delta shower control knob will not tilt up and down.

The shower/bath single control knob will only rotate clockwise and counterclockwise but will not tilt up or down. We have recently purchased this house and it is in a spare bathroom and I suspect that this shower may have seldom if ever been used since the house was built in 1996. If the knob is rotated fully in the counterclockwise direction (hot) you get an acceptable amount of water flow but the water is only lukewarm and is too cold for a comfortable shower. 

If you rotate the knob all the way in the clockwise direction (cold) it will shut off the water flow. To help identify the unit it is made by Delta and, as I said previously, it is a single handle. There is an instruction decal on top of the nozzle into the bath tub that gives the instruction that there is a ring around the discharge tip of the nozzle that when pulled down will divert the water flow to the shower head. This works OK. The water temperature is plenty hot everywhere else in the house including the sink in this bathroom.

I suspect that the unit was designed to tilt up and down to control the water flow and if this worked freely perhaps the temperature problem would go away. Please help.

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Posted 2010-12-27T17:12:36+0000  by BAKE BAKE




Hi Bake; this is Mike The Home Depot Answerman. To answer your question I went to


 You mentioned the handle will not tilt up or down. Some shower valve manufactures incorporate several functions into one control to save money. Your valve controls the temperature and the volume at the same time. 


As you rotate the handle; the valve increases the flow and the temperature.  This requires a compromise between volume and temperature that many people struggle to deal with. More expensive valves use the tilt function to control volume, and the rotational function to control temperature. If you plan to use this bath room often, you may want to replace the shower valve with the multifunction type.  


Lack of use always presents problems, as mineral deposits can buildup in the valve, reducing the flow of water. 

The temperature issue could be solved by adjusting the pressure balance valve. This valve limits the temperature of the hot water to prevent scalding.  I have included a link below to which explains how to adjust the pressure balance valve. Contact Delta at 1-800-345-3358 they will help you determine if your valve can be adjusted, or if you will have to replace it.


I hope this information is useful to you.





Posted 2010-12-27T18:34:12+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Hi Mike, I took the shower handle off and even the brass clip. When I go to use the pully I fill like I'm going to rip or break all the plumbing in the wall. I'm I missing a bolt to take out or something I'm not twisting. This is a one handle by Delta that is suppose to pull out and push in but does not so I'm trying to repalce the cartridge.  

Posted 2011-01-08T18:12:03+0000  by bloom1116
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