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Demo a kitchen?

We would like to attempt a kitchen remodel ourselves, but I do not see any screw heads inside my kitchen cabinets. I am afraid to do as seen on tv (you know, when they just take a sledge hammer to the kitchen cabinetry) to demo the cabinets, as I think that may tear up the walls. Is it possible during the new construction they puttied the screw heads inside the cabinets? That seems like a lot of trouble for cabinets that have solid, wood doors. Any ideas as to how I should go about taking out the old cabinetry?

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Posted 2013-02-09T15:03:46+0000  by bg3075 bg3075

There are a lot of possibilities - which all depend on the type of cabinetry your kitchen has.


Here are a couple of things to consider:


  1. Is the inside of the cabinets made of the same material as the doors? If the inside is made of “fake” wood that has a paper finish on it then there may be tiny round stickers or plastic plugs covering the holes up.  Look for the board at the top of the inside of the cabinets (sometimes I have seen the screws at the very top of the cabinet on the outside and above.
  2. If the inside is real wood then the installers may have patched the holes with wood putty and stained it to match.  Look for that same board at the top of the inside for small circles that look inconsistent with the wood grain.  Dig these out to expose the screw heads.
  3. Sometimes they will attach two cabinets that are side by side with screws as well.
  4. Check the bottom side for additional screws.
  5. The walls are most likely going to need some work even if the cabinets come off easy – so if you have to demo them it’s not
  6. Consider saving the cabinets to either sell or re-use somewhere else in the house.
Posted 2013-02-10T15:39:32+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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