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Determining sheen of old exterior paint?


I have an older home with T1-11 siding and I want to repaint the exterior. However, I don't know what sheen was used by the previous painters and I've read that you can't paint over semi-gloss unless the siding is first sanded. Is there any trick for determining an old paint's sheen? 

Also, if the sheen happened to be satin, would that need to be sanded or can I repaint over that?

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Posted 2018-06-30T03:19:58+0000  by kinkajou84 kinkajou84

You may freely change between sheens. A quality, 100% acrylic based paint, such as any of the Behr exterior house paints, will adhere well to any existing finish. I would be more concerned that the old finish is clean and free of any mildew or algae. All Behr paints are "paint and primer in one". They may be applied directly to the old existing finish without a dedicated primer.
Posted 2018-06-30T03:47:23+0000  by ordjen
Okay, good to know. I plan to give the siding a good cleaning (and drying) before painting. Thanks!
Posted 2018-06-30T03:56:40+0000  by kinkajou84
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