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Difference between flat ceiling paint pure white ceiling paint , which one should I use

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Posted 2013-08-27T20:49:34+0000  by 79pel 79pel




Any paint carrying the label "ceiling paint" has a couple attributes: it dries to a very flat sheen. It also is formulated to splatter less.  Generally, a ceiling paint is not going to be as washable and moisture resistant  as a regular paint and therefore should not be used in baths and kitchens.


The Behr Premium Plus Ceiling White 558 is a very pure, bright white, unlike most other manufacturer's ceiling whites, which have been somewhat grayed up to increase its covering ability. A pure white will reflect more light around the room. It will also look much better should it come into contact with pastel colors.


Behr also makes the Premium Plus Ultra Ceiling white. Like the 588 ceiling white, it is a bright, ultra pure white. The Ultra is a more premim paint which does have  superior washability. It can also be tinted to all the lighter Behr colors, which the 558 cannot.


Certainly, any sheen paint can be used as a ceiling paint. To a great extent, it is  matter of personal  taste. When using higher sheen paints on the ceiling, the surface must be well sealed to maintain a nice, consistent sheen across the ceiling without roller or lap marks.


Hope this clarifies he differences of paints intended for ceiling use.

Posted 2013-08-28T04:48:10+0000  by ordjen
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