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Differences Between the Purdy Roller Covers

Currently at one of the Home Depots there are 3 types of 3 Packs of Purdy Roller Covers: White Dove, Golden Eagle, and Contractor 1st, all of which are 3/8" nap. For the DIYer the White Dove covers are the recommended choice, but for what type of jobs would I consider using the Golden Eagle or Contractor 1st?

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Posted 2011-11-25T01:31:53+0000  by champflash3606 champflash3606

The three are all very good roller covers with just a few differences between them:


The White Dove is a high end cover that is manufactured to be "lint free" - which means that less fibers transfer off the roller when painting and allows for a smoother finish.



The Golden Eagle is a high density roller designed to hold more paint - which allows for more productivity (less dipping in the paint).



The Contractor 1st cover is an economical product that still out performs most competition and is an affordable addition to the Purdy line.



Purdy products are considered to be one of the most respected in the painting business.  Once you have had a chance to compare them with others...I am confident you will become a fan for life.


Hope this helped.



Posted 2011-11-27T15:08:25+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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