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Dip in Basement Floor

We just bought our first home. In our basement laundry room there is a fairly large dip in the floor. It looks as though they had to dig into the floor to fix something and now the patch has settled into a bowl shape. I really want to level the floor off and have spent time looking into Self-Leveling-Concrete but it seems as though it might not be the best option to fill the hole in. The other issue we are faced with is that the other part of the floor has asbestos tiles on it still. They pulled up the tiles that were covering the part of the floor they needed to fix and just left the other tiles. So not only do we need to level the dip we need to level the rest of the floor and cover the remaining asbestos tiles. Any advice would help. We really want to do it ourselves to keep costs down and pulling up the tiles is not an option we want to take we just want to cover them. Thanks!!!

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Posted 2016-10-15T23:14:33+0000  by Khol Khol
HI Khol,

The dip in the floor should be inspected by a professional to determine why it is there and if any additional work is needed beyond just repatching the floor. For example it it involved a plumbing leak, is the dip a result of a failed repair and the problem still exists causing the dip.

The asbestos tile may be left undisturbed, if you repair the dip and choose to use new flooring over it. If you  want it removed then you should hire a professional who has experience is asbestos removal. This is not a DIY project.


Posted 2016-10-17T18:56:17+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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