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Dirt seeping out for edge of Lawn, Big Piles everywhere!! HELP!!

I have had some weird stuff happening to my front lawn the pass week and trying to figure out what's going on.  I tried googling it but have not found any answers.I've already shoveled a couple patches along the sides but it seems to come out in other areas.  Some times i clean up a pile and go into the house and after a few hours, i see another pile start forming for another side of the lawn.  I'm pretty sure it's not gophers as it does not have any holes.  Can someone please shed some light on this as it's driving me crazy!




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Posted 2013-11-04T22:48:33+0000  by henmohome henmohome

Greetings henmohome!


It was our pleasure to ride out this mysterious, curious journey with you!  And I love the fact that you thought the lawn was shifting! 


Please keep in touch! We are anxious to know what the next leg of your journey will bring!


Best wishes for a great, and healthy, holiday season, and wonderful New Year in your new home!



Posted 2013-11-14T13:47:44+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
I have a customer with a similar problem, and the ZincOxide based poison is no longer working, perhaps because it is getting cold and the mole is less active...
Good thought about flooding the critter, I have had luck with using exhaust to do the same, and have used this widget: Likely sold by Depot also, can't remember where I got mine... PS: use the most polluting vehicle as a source, on old lawnmower is better than a new clean burning auto... ;-)
Posted 2013-11-27T15:38:51+0000  by Carl007
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