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Divide existing Kitchen Cabinet into two unequal partitions.

We are getting a townehouse built. Kitchen cabinets are birch. But most of them are of 36" size in width. My wife wants a pull out spice rack which usually fits in a narrow 9" cabinet. Builders refused to give us a cabinet of that size. So she is kind of heartbroken. So I told her maybe we can divide a 36" cabinet into two cabinets of 9" and 27" by ourselves and then install a Pull out spice rack in 9".

Also from what I was planning was to have a wooden piece to divide it. and then install pull out on that piece and other wall of cabinet and still keep doors of cabinet same that orignally came with cabinet. So is it possible? I have not done much with cabinets etc before. Any tips and alt suggestions?

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Posted 2013-03-18T14:08:57+0000  by xp0z3d xp0z3d

Necessity is the mother of all invention:smileyvery-happy:



You could install a wall that will separate those compartments.


Measure the height of of the space and the depth of the space.

  • Cut a piece of wood 3/4 inch thick or larger to those measurements.
  • Cut 4 lengths of craft wood that is 1/2 x 1/2 thick to the depth measurement.
  • Glue or nail those strips of wood to form a track (above and below) for your cut piece of wood to slide into place.
  • Glue it into place if you think it will be permanant or leave it the way it is so you can slide it out if needed.



Posted 2013-03-18T16:13:35+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Good idea about putting those wood strips to form a track. will need to see closly how they install the rails for pull out and maybe then will be able to recreate similar thing at home.

Posted 2013-03-18T17:06:25+0000  by xp0z3d

Another thought is to build a three sided box that can be screwed to the bottom of the cabinet.  The pull-out hardware can be attached directly to the bottom of the box.



Posted 2013-03-18T18:11:32+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

This is even better idea. Do you know where can I get such a box made?

Posted 2013-03-19T00:01:29+0000  by xp0z3d
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