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Do I need a concrete board in the shower area for tile?

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Posted 2013-10-06T00:51:51+0000  by rpacero rpacero

Need ????? No.

Should ????? A very big YES.

Your just inviting trouble down the road if you don't. A lot of those Flipping/Home Improvement shows don't and they are setting a very bad example for those that copy them. I like Hardibacker board myself. It would also pay to put a waterproof coating on before tiling also. You only get one chance to prevent water damage.

Posted 2013-10-06T06:34:41+0000  by zw4377

The goal is to keep moisture in the shower area and keep it from damaging any substrate you use.  One option is to use some kind of cement backer board over a vapor barrier.  The tile, thinset, and backer board are unaffected by moisture while the vapor barrier keeps moisture in the shower area.  The other option is to use a waterproof material over a variety of other substrates including drywall.  The waterproofing material can use a membrane like Shulter's Kerdi or be  "paint on" rubberized coating like Laticrete's Hydro Ban.  


Using either method will make for a long lasting tile job.

Posted 2013-10-06T11:49:22+0000  by Adam444
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