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Do I need to cover my grape and raspberry plants?

They are growing great, but now starting to dry out.
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Posted 2015-06-17T16:07:24+0000  by littlebinkib littlebinkib

Howdy littlekinkid,


Most of the diseases that cause drying grapes and raspberries are fungal diseases. They are often present in the soil or might move from one plant to another. Other diseases are spread by insects.



Treatment varies, depending on the specific disease and its severity. Fungicides are available to treat bunch rot, but should be used to treat infections that occur in the spring, rather than the summer. Prune out and destroy canes and leaves infected during the dormant season, rather than throughout the year. Control the spread of disease by removing host plants from the surrounding area, if possible.




There are a few diseases that cause spots on the stems and leaves and also dry crumbly fruit. Proper placement, spacing and care is usually enough to keep the plants healthy. Raspberries produce the most fruit and suffer fewest disease problems when grown in full sun. The few stems placed in the garden can quickly take over if not regularly pruned. Remove the canes, right to ground level, that bore fruit in summer. Summer pruning opens up the planting increasing light and air penetration and reducing the risk of disease.

I recommend using:



Dr. EARTH disease and fungus control

Daconil Ready-to-Use Fungicide

Bayer Neem Oil

Bonide Copper Fungicide




Your best defense is a good offense. Plant them in well-draining soil in full sun and space them at least eight feet apart so air circulates freely. Avoid planting grape vines and raspberries in a closed, sheltered area where dampness lingers. Use drip irrigation or soaker hoses, rather than overhead sprinklers, if possible, and avoid handling grape vines when they're wet. Fertilize sparingly, because too much nitrogen encourages leafy growth and can contribute to disease.

Posted 2015-06-18T18:24:03+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
Hi littlebinkib,

If it's birds and deer that you need to guard against, then yes, cover the plants with Bird Block Fabric.

This light weight, nylon mesh will confound animals that want to feed on your berries and grapes. We have a 14x14 ft. square, as well as 14'x45' roll and even a 7' x100' roll.

The mesh prevents the birds and deer from reaching the fruit while allowing the rain and sunlight to enter as normal. You can staple it to the ground with landscape fabric staples.

This netting can also protect your fish pond from predators.


Posted 2015-06-19T18:54:04+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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