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Do not count on home depot if you are looking for a receipt for more than 24 months ago

TL:DR no matter how hard you try home depot will not be able to find a receipt from over 24 months ago.

I am just posting this because I am at the end of my ropes. I in the last few months i have been back and forth with home depot what feels like 100 times trying to
fulfill a warranty for a Christmas tree we had purchased back in 2016. 

This tree is supposed to have a 3 year warranty on parts and this year when we set up the tree we found out that the color light selector was not working it was just cycling through the every color and flashing pattern and would not stay fixed on one pattern. So I thought not a problem we have a 3 year warranty on the tree i don't have the receipt from  2016 but I thought home depot would be able to retrieve it for me  Man was i wrong.
I go into the store to find out that they only keep receipts for up to 24 months just outside the purchase window from when I purchased the tree they tell me in the store there is nothing more they can do. So I call the home depot support perhaps they have a different system to lookup receipt. The support person informs me  they do its a system called the electronic journal they transfer my call to that department. However the electronic journal will only speak to home depot employees and is not accessible to customers. so i they transfer me to another home depot employee to take down my information so they can look up the purchase history for that item. a week passes and i hear nothing so i call back and it looks like the employee that took my information never actually submitted the request to the electronic journal. The current representative i was speaking too apologized and said they would submit the request and that the journal takes a couple days to process the request. So they get back to me and send me 2 receipts that did not match any of the information that they had given me. So i inquire as to why I had gotten these receipts and the the rep said they did not know sometimes the EJ sends receipts that don't match the information that is given. So i asked them to submit the request again and they did and they said they found no purchases matching the information that i had given them and asked if i was sure that purchased the item at home depot. i sent my bank record that showed the purchase on the date for the amount with the account number of the card that the purchase was made with. They then informed me that there was nothing else that they could do. So now I'm stuck with a tree that will only do white lights because home depot can't look up a receipt for more than 24 months ago. 

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Posted 2019-01-07T16:07:52+0000  by DIY0118999 DIY0118999
What I have found works really well is to save receipts for major purchases or even minor ones where the product includes a warranty.  What I will do is, if the product came with an owner's manual is attach the receipt directly to the owners manual.  That way if I have a problem with a product, I can look at the troubleshooting guide, check warranty information, and have contact information for the manufacturer all in one place.  For items that don't come with a manual, I just attach the receipt to a piece of paper where I write some basic information about the purchase because I have found it's more difficult to misplace a bigger piece of paper.  In either situation, the receipt, etc. goes into a folder in a filing cabinet. 

I find my system to much more efficient than hoping a store has kept a copy of my receipt for two years.

Posted 2019-01-07T19:41:45+0000  by Adam444
that is a good system but i think that is too much paper to keep around and over time depending on the conditions of storage the receipt can degrade. I have my card saved to the home website so i can retrieve all the receipts and archive them that way no scanning required
Posted 2019-01-07T20:39:27+0000  by DIY0118999
It really isn't that much paper, maybe I don't buy enough stuff.  I just prefer old fashioned paper, although you are correct in that the thermal paper receipts that just about every retailer today uses, do fade over time.  For something really important, I'd make a copy of the receipt.  Of course, most things today don't have that long of a warranty.

You message reminded me that I've been wanted to clean out my file.  I found a receipt from 1996!  I don't even own the thing any more!  Maybe I'm saving too much. <lol>
Posted 2019-01-07T21:41:41+0000  by Adam444
Here's my solution to the receipt mess, I have a Home Depot card, and all purchases made on the Home Depot card can be returned up to 12 months, and every purchase creates a email receipt. Those emails get dumped into email folder labeled "HD Receipts". So when I'm looking for something I purchased at the HD, I just search my Gmail folder to the receipt and print it out or email it to the warranty company. So can also set up email with other credit cards, but you must manually touch the screen to send the email.

Posted 2019-01-10T14:03:23+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Hi DIY0118999,

It is the customers responsibility to keep and maintain receipts, that being said, we always try to help as much as we can to solve an issue involving a missing receipt. Angelo and Adam444 have provided some very good advice on ways to save and access older receipts. Without a receipt the store management has the option of offering store credit, if the original price can be determined, or a replacement tree of equal features or value.

Posted 2019-01-10T20:01:23+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
thank you for the advice Mike HD i am just going to give up on this the store did not seem interested in giving credit or replacing the tree. i am just going to use the tree with white lights deal with it. I already have a system now where i just get the receipts from the website and save them into a safe location
Posted 2019-01-18T17:45:39+0000  by DIY0118999
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