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Do you paint walls and doors the same

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Posted 2013-09-02T17:39:12+0000  by ricitini ricitini




Such things are certainly not written in stone, however, most homes have a similar woodwork treatment throughout the house, such as an off white semi-gloss enamel or natural woodwork. Such treatment generally simplifies decorating. For example, you will not have a  door opening into a room with with different color woodwork.


Further, most woodwork is done in a semi-gloss or satin sheen.If your walls are not of that sheen, a matching paint would have to be made for the woodwork. From the standpoint of ease of cleaning, flat and eggshell are not as good a choice for woodwork.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-09-02T19:16:15+0000  by ordjen

Absolutely Not ricitini!


I love Ordjen's explanation of sheens ... walls are typically Flat, Eggshell, or Satin and trim is usually Semi-Gloss or Gloss.


But the most significant reason to make your walls and trim different colors is to show off the architectural details of your home.


When you paint the walls and trim the same color (even if the sheen is different), they blend together visually and simply become a broad, general wash of color without any definition.


When you paint the walls and trim contrasting colors, each stands out as a distinct design element ... giving each room definition, visual layers, and show off design detail.


So, should you paint your walls and trim the same color?


I certainly would not!



If you take a moment to look through several design magazines, you'll see this theme repeated consistently.


Contrast enhances the detail your architect designed into your home.

Posted 2013-09-12T12:23:36+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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