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Do you recommend using the EpoxyShield clear high-gloss over EpoxyShield garage floor coating?

Today we applied the EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating (tan).  We are thinking of having an even higher gloss look and for added protection.  Do you recommend?  If so, how long should we wait to apply the high gloss coating?  And is there any prep involved? The floor thus far looks great but we are considering spiffing it up even more - thoughts?

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Posted 2013-07-23T00:30:44+0000  by Bats Bats

Hello Bats!


Glad to know your EpoxyShield floor looks great after the main application.


The high-gloss clear coat says it can be applied over EpoxyShield or directly over unfinished concrete.


In either case, you'll be creating a "show room" type floor that reflects light and repels most automotive fluids.


Collectors often have this type floor installed and now, every day DIYers can too.


The only caution I would give is that shiny floors can be slippery when wet.


But if you remember that one caution, you'll gain added protection as well as that show room quality appearance.



The manufacturer recommends waiting 128-hours before recoating regular EpoxyShield with this product.


They also recommend 10-hours before adding another coating of high-gloss over the first high-gloss coat.



Neither of these products contains a UV inhibitor, so tape across the opening to complete your install where the garage door meets the floor. If installed outside, ultraviolet light will cause these products to degrade and fail.

Posted 2013-07-23T13:00:20+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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