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Does a large electrical junction box in attic meet code?

I am now the proud owner of a previously 2bd/1ba home which has been expanded into a 3bd/2ba. A new 100 amp breaker panel had been installed onto the new construction and patched into the original 1952 fuse panel sans fuses; all the breakers are in the new panel with wire splices to the original wiring within the old fuse panel. The new breaker panel is about 40 ft away from the original fuse panel. There are four 15 to 20 amp circuits running in a 1 1/2 inch flex conduit terminating at the old fuse box. I want to replace all of the original 1952 wiring and I also want to eliminate the old fuse box in the process. Can I relocate the splices into a new junction box in the attic instead of running them back down the wall to the old fuse box? I plan to pull the flex conduit out of the wall and reconnect it to the replacement wiring in a junction box in the attic. Is that safe and to code?
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Posted 2015-04-21T20:00:07+0000  by Mcsew2k Mcsew2k
Hello Mcsew2k.  Welcome to the Community!

As far as national electrical code goes, as long as the junction box you plan to put in the attic is accessible and not obstructed in any way, you can do this.  Local codes take precedence though, and the amount and kind of work you want to do really should be inspected anyway.  Give a call to your local electrical inspector just to be on the safe side.

It sounds like the new breaker panel is run off the original fuse box mains.  If so then is there a long run of large wire, (like 40 feet), running though your house from the meter box without any disconnect?  This would concern me, and your fire department as well.

Answering questions about building codes is almost impossible online.  What is acceptable where you live may not be for me and vice versa...  As an example, where I live i can only run flex armored cable in runs of less than 6', and NM-B, (Romex), is not allowed at all.


Posted 2015-04-21T20:27:42+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Thanks for your reply Chris. The power drop is to the new breaker box and there are individual circuits in the flex conduit running the 40 ft (protected by the breakers) to the old fuse box where they are spliced. I will contact the local building department with my plan. Thanks again.


Posted 2015-04-21T21:19:04+0000  by Mcsew2k
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