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Does every room need a door?

I am remodeling my house - and at the door stage.  I am replacing all of my doors with pine panel and I want to stain them to match my wood stain trim.  One of the bedrooms down the hallway has one window and is smaller.  The other two could compete for master bedrooms in size.  I use the smaller bedroom as an office.  I am thinking of not replacing the door in thought that it could make the room look bigger and be an optical illusion with the rest of the house.  I have the same paint and trim throughout the whole house.  Cost is not an issue, just a design factor.  I'm also wondering if I were to sell my home down the road how this would affect me as well.


I'm looking for an opinion from professionals and DIY people in regards to the style and value of doing this.  Thank you.

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Posted 2013-04-29T03:19:15+0000  by katc katc



Most people would consider a bedroom or office without a door to be neither. I think you would negatively impact your home if you totally removed the door opening. It would then be considered a two bedroom home.


You might consider simply removing the door, leaving the jamb,  and putting it in storage somewhere for future replacement.


Another option might be to change the orientation of how the door swings: in or out, left hand or right hand.


You might consider installing a "pocket door". This is a sliding door that disappears into the wall. leaving maximum opening size. It still allows privacy and noise isolation when desired.


A variation on the pocket door is the "barn door" slider. This is like a pocket door, but the sliding mechanism is mounted on the outside of the wall. the door is fully visible, hugging the wall. Of course, this means that nothing can occupy that section of wall that would interfere with the sliding of the door. The exposed track has kind of a tech look which is often seen in loft type apartments.


Just a few options for your consideration.

Posted 2013-04-29T05:05:47+0000  by ordjen
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