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Does my 4-year extended warranty cover the washer's problem

Hello to all How-To Community Members,


I bought 2 appliances from Home Depot: 1 LG washing machine and 1 LG dryer.  Both items just turned 3 years old this November 2013.  My problems are as follows: The washing machine's liquid bleach dispenser does not empty the bleach and the bleach liquid poured in just sits there.  My dryer sometimes turns itself off and I had to restart it all over again.  I am wondering if I can get these appliances serviced under my 4 year extended warranty.  By the way, I bought 2 4 year warrantees for the two appliances.  I would appreciate your reply very much.

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Posted 2013-12-01T20:59:42+0000  by TotallyTired TotallyTired

Hi TotallyTired,


You can relax, your extended warranty from Home Depot will cover the repairs. Just call 1-800466-3337, and select extended warranty from the phone menu.


Once connected the agent will ask for your phone number and set up a service appointment for you.



Posted 2013-12-02T18:54:55+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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