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Does paint sheen even out as it cures? (Behr Premium Plus Ultra)

I painted a wall last night with Behr Premium Plus Ultra (in Intoxication). This morning I noticed a spot where the sheen was uneven. Should I try to touch this up or wait and see if it evens itself out? If I should touch it up, any hints to make it blend?



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Posted 2014-01-29T17:10:03+0000  by argreenberg argreenberg




Paint holds it sheen according to how well sealed the wall  is beneath it. If a section is holding a higher sheen, it is probably because, for what ever reason, the wall below it was better seled. Did you make some color samples on the wall at this location? A coat of good paint generally increases the degree to which a wall is sealed.


Even if you did not, it is possible that someone in the past did. Often when I was painting homes, one room would show the outline of doors along a wall. It is not uncommon during construction, that a room will be used to spray doors against the wall. This outline could often be seen as a shinier area. Ironically, that cheap , chaulky  "paint" used by the builder hides such things really well - just don't try to wash it!  It is the next painter who pays for the builder's "sins". 


Frequently, this site fields questions about why a wall looks streaky. Usually it is because , however one tries,  the coat of paint is somewhat uneven in thickness. Those areas getting more paint will hold a higher sheen. This is the reason paint manufacturers always encourage primeing or doing two coats of a self-priming paint. It just evens out the sheen better! It also assures better color coverage.


In short, to answer your question: repaint that wall completely from corner to corner. It should even everything out. Merely trying to touch up a small area rarely takes care of the problem, again because it alters how well that section is sealed.


All Behr paints are now self-primeing. However, this does not mean that only one coat may be required. It means that the paint itself may be used where a dedicated primer would have been used.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2014-01-29T17:49:34+0000  by ordjen

Thanks for your answer. I was trying to avoid repainting the whole wall, but if that's what I need to do then it's good to know!

Posted 2014-01-29T20:52:19+0000  by argreenberg
Selecting the right sheen for the room or surface you'll be painting has never been easier!

Click the link for a "Quick Tip"
video on How To Pick The Right Paint Sheen.

Posted 2015-09-01T21:37:42+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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