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I already have a large dog wood house. The problem is I need to insulate it. My dog is elderly and needs to keep warm. I have tarp covering the outside of the house for added weatherproof protection. But the inside of her dog house needs insulation. I don't want any electrical device inside dog house. I bought three flat rectangular panels of the inch thick stirofoam used for insulation, which I cut, measured, & placed the inside walls (sides and back wall) of her dog house. I still think it needs to be alot warmer. Help!!!
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Posted 2011-10-25T18:37:05+0000  by Lucia Lucia
Wow, thank you so so much for all the great info!! I will check into the greenhouse idea, as well as those pet heaters. Who would've thought! So glad I asked. As for the dog house, I think it is correct, it was built slightly elevated above the ground. I think the only thing I will add is a door curtain. My poor dog is so delicate (arthritic), the actual doggy door would be too heavy for her to go thru. I will make a curtain door. I will buy a see-thru plastic shower curtain or plastic table cloth, cut it in long strips, and attach to a curtain rod and hang in front of the door, going to Home Depot now, tol pick up some little weights, to attach on the ends of the plastic strips, to keep the plastic strips from curling or flying around.

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Posted 2011-10-25T23:31:31+0000  by Lucia

From: All About Doghouses

1) The dog house floor is insulated and elevated above the ground. A cement floor is nice and cool in the summer but bitter cold in the winter. It soaks the heat right out of live things. Insulated wood is best. In a pinch, you could place the dog house on top of a wooden pallet.

2) The house is large enough for your dog to comfortably turn around and to stretch out but not so large that it’s own body heat can not keep the house warm.

3) The floor, walls, and roof of the house are insulated.

4) The doorway has some kind of door. A flap of clear vinyl or carpet will suffice.

5) The house has an interior wind break wall so your dog is better protected from the elements.


So, since you don't want anything electrical in the dog house, other than insulating it, about the only other thing to do would be to put a door on it.

Click here to search for pet doors.


Another thing you can do would be to build a "green house" type structure around the existing dog house. The air space between the two structures would also act as an insulator. It would also heat up during the day as the sun shines on it. While you don't want Fido directly on the concrete for the reason mentioned above, a concrete pad under the "green house" will absorb some of the collected heat and radiate it as the outside cools down.


A final option is solar and wind powered heaters: click here for one source, There are others if you search for them.

Posted 2011-10-25T21:05:51+0000  by Paul
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