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Don't know which transition strip to go with?

Recently installed tile.  The tile is at least a half and inch higher than the carpet.  Which transition strip should I go with?  Thank you

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Posted 2013-03-05T10:41:13+0000  by kdogg51 kdogg51

Hello kdogg51 and thank you for joining The Community.  We are glad that you are here.


Congratulations on the new tile project!  You will need to minimize the 1-1/2 inch height difference between the newly installed tile and the carpet before installing any transition piece.  You should consider building up the floor from the carpet side using wood or plywood.  Retack as necessary.  A reducer can then be used to transition from the tile to the carpet and provide a seamless look between the flooring surfaces.




Can you send us a photo of this area (with basic measurements) so we can better assist you with your project?


We look forward to helping you create a safe walking space!


Posted 2013-03-05T21:28:20+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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