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Door Closer

I am attempting to install a Model V2010 Door Closer on my screen door of the Pool Cage and my grandson pressed the tap-n-go button and extended the pole of the hardware.  I have tried everything to bring it back to its original position but, to no avail.  Does anyone know how I can get this done?  If I put it all together, my door only opens 6 inches.

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Posted 2013-07-18T15:00:05+0000  by figgyivy figgyivy

Hello figgyivy and welcome to the community!


I work in the Door & Window department at the Home Depot and this question comes up quite often. The mistake people make when they open their storm door with this type of closer (Tap-n-Go) is they open the door as far as they can, and this is a no no with the Tap-n-Go, you have to be able to open the door a little further, this extra room disengages the locking mechanism. 


To activate hold open feature, press button, and open door to desired location, but not all the way. To release, simply open door slightly further, and release.


This video from Andersen will help, if you go through the video to time 6:05 you will see "Operating the Door Stay" feature.  


Posted 2013-07-18T20:25:15+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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